Managing Processes, not “Results” Key to Success

Whether you’re leading a promising startup poised to scale rapidly in the coming months, or sitting comfortably at the helm of a lumbering industry leader that aims at slow, steady growth, a focus on results is imperative. Your role and responsibility, as an executive, is to drive results.

The challenge: neither you nor the most successful entrepreneur, highest-paid CEO, etc. can manage results – results are the unknown of the business world.

Fortunately, you can manage for results. That is, managing the process(es) that drive the desired outcome(s). Let’s look at an example:

Widgets Worldwide manufactures and sells widgets. The board of Widgets Worldwide has tasked the CEO with increasing revenues as part of a five-year growth plan. To do this, the CEO of Widgets Wordwide knows she must sell more widgets, raise the price of widgets, or save on the costs of producing widgets. Assuming she opts not to raise the price of widgets, how can she accomplish her mission?

Possible options include: increasing marketing and advertising budgets to boost demand, investing in expanding her distribution network, and implementing more efficient manufacturing processes, among others.
What do all these have in common? They are all processes, processes that drive the desired result of increased revenue.

This simple example highlights one of the most important leadership insights that will empower any executive, in any position, to achieve the results they want and need.