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Executive Search

The Executive Search Process

Bassett & Bassett Executive Search uses a rigorous process that emphasizes a sophisticated approach to pinpointing the unique needs and opportunities of each client to identify the right C-level candidate – whether they are currently looking or not.

The process includes:

    • A Full-Needs Analysis:

      We want to know the position requirements and the company culture, but we also want to talk to your leadership team and key stakeholders to build a holistic view of the external and internal environment in which the C-level executive will need to lead.

      We use that information to establish a clear and concise candidate profile and position description to find precisely the right executive to move you forward.

    • Establishing the Field:

      We begin with a wide net; establishing a long list of companies with talent that merits a closer look. We then narrow the field, using our extensive contact list, collective experience and other tools to narrow our selection to a very short list of highly qualified C-level candidates.

    • Deep Assessment:

      We fully vet the C-level candidate, including an in-depth assessment of skills, leadership capabilities and style, and fit with your specific organization. We also dig deep into their background and references and provide you with complete dossiers for a comprehensive view on your executive candidates.

    • Offer and Onboarding:

      Following the interview and selection process, we help you negotiate a successful offer. Upon acceptance we can also help you craft a plan to ensure a smooth transition, including working with all appropriate teams to handle C-level transition announcements to both internal and external audiences.

We keep you informed every step of the way.

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The Executive Search

The Executive Search


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